Grit Bins and Gritting Route

Grit Bins and the Gritting Route

Gritting Route; The Villages are gritted from the Slade/Slade Lane through both Villages on Church Road to Alpington and Bergh Apton School

Grit Bins are provided in communities so the public can assist on a ‘Self Help’ basis, where local conditions require treatment of the road or footway.  There is an expectation that those spreading the material will take reasonalble care, and therefore wouldn’t lay themselves open to accidents.  It is important that people do not take actions that make the situation worse, for example pouring hot water on snow, which then freezes.

You may be interested in the Met Office’s Snow Code, Please use link in ‘useful links’ to access the Snow Code

All the Grit Bins are filled with salt or salt/sand mixture prior to the winter season and are checked and topped up during the winter season. However, at the times of higher usage it is helpful for the Parish Council or residents to notify the County Councils if bins are empty.

This can be done by phoning the Customer Service Centre Tel No 0344 800 8009