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Parish Council meetings are public meetings which any resident of Alpington or Yelverton can attend, come along and find out what’s going on in your village, discuss issues and celebrate accomplishments.
Please find the date of the next meeting under “meetings” on this web site.
Please note: All information included in this section was correct at the time of publishing.

Community Benefit Fund

October 2015

We would like to make you aware of  a new initiative that your Parish Council is introducing.  Following the local planning authority approval for the solar farm on the edge of the village, we negotiated with Lightsource (the solar farm operator) for the provision of Community Benefit Funding to the Parish.  The value of this funding is based upon an annual payment of £1,125.00 per megawatt of installed capacity for 20 years.  In real terms this equates to a payment of approximately £8,000.00 each year to be managed by the Parish Council for the benefit of the community.

We would like to invite groups or individuals to make a positive impact within our community.  There are some basic rules and the full set of guidelines is available under Community Benefit Grant on this website.

Please have your completed applications returned to the Parish Clerk by Monday 30th November 2015.  The results will be announced at the Parish Council meeting on 11th January 2016.  The Council’s decision is final and binding.  Applications for the next round of funding can be made at any time up to 31st July 2016 and will be allocated in Autumn 2016.  Unsuccessful 2015 applications can be re-submitted for  consideration in the 2016 allocation.

Please help us make the best use of the Community Benefit Fund and together we’ll make a difference to our community Thank you.

Speeding in the Village

In respone to residents concerns the issue of speeding in the village was discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting held in March resulting in the following initiatives.

Wheelie Bin Stickers

A supply of Wheelie Bin Stickers with the following wording “Please slow Down through our village” had been distributed to the residents on Church Road, Alpington.  Anyone using the stickers will need to understand the following guidelines.

  1. The stickers have greater impact by only being on display on bin collection day, please do not leave leave the bin out for longer than necessary.
  2. Do not alter how you use the bin.
  3. Place the bin so it is visible to passing traffic but not too close to the road where it may pose a danger.

If you require a wheelie bin sticker please contact the Clerk or attend the next Parish Council meeting.

Speed Camera Survey – Volunteers required

Speed survey equipment is available free of charge to Parish residents to undertake a Parish speed survey.  Volunteers are required to set up and use the equipment for up to two weeks, with full training provided . 

6 to 8 volunteers are required to undertake the survey.  The Clerk has advertised both in the “Eleven Says” Parish Magazine and on the Parish Noticeboard but to date had only received the offer of help from 2 residents.

If you are interested to take part please contact the Clerk or attend the next Parish Council meeting to dicuss the matter further.  Meeting dates can be found under “Meetings” on this website.


Bulk Buying Oil Scheme

The Parish Council continues to be part of a community group for a Bulk Buying Oil scheme with Norfolk Rural Community Council and is lead by Kevin Gotts.

Any resident can join the group and there is no cost to join.  Once you have joined there is no compulsory rule to only purchase oil through this scheme.

For more information contact the Clerk or Kevin Gotts

Bus Service changes to Anglian Buses

The bus service in the village will be provided by Anglian Buses from 2 September 2013.  There will be a new timetable in place and the sevice will be renumbered to 86  

The timetable is available in the Bus Shelter and on line using the following link  See useful links for more information.

Grit Bins and the Gritting Route

Gritting Route; The Villages are gritted from the Slade/Slade Lane through both Villages on Church Road to Alpington and Bergh Apton School

Grit Bins are provided in communities so the public can assist on a ‘Self Help’ basis, where local conditions require treatment of the road or footway.  There is an expectation that those spreading the material will take reasonalble care, and therefore wouldn’t lay themselves open to accidents.  It is important that people do not take actions that make the situation worse, for example pouring hot water on snow, which then freezes.

You may be interested in the Met Office’s Snow Code, Please use link in ‘useful links’ to access the Snow Code

All the Grit Bins are filled with salt or salt/sand mixture prior to the winter season and are checked and topped up during the winter season. However, at the times of higher usage it is helpful for the Parish Council or residents to notify the County Councils if bins are empty.

This can be done by phoning the Customer Service Centre Tel No 0344 800 8009