Speeding in the Village

In respone to residents concerns the issue of speeding in the village was discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting held in March resulting in the following initiatives.

Wheelie Bin Stickers

A supply of Wheelie Bin Stickers with the following wording “Please slow Down through our village” had been distributed to the residents on Church Road, Alpington.  Anyone using the stickers will need to understand the following guidelines.

  1. The stickers have greater impact by only being on display on bin collection day, please do not leave leave the bin out for longer than necessary.
  2. Do not alter how you use the bin.
  3. Place the bin so it is visible to passing traffic but not too close to the road where it may pose a danger.

If you require a wheelie bin sticker please contact the Clerk or attend the next Parish Council meeting.

Speed Camera Survey – Volunteers required

Speed survey equipment is available free of charge to Parish residents to undertake a Parish speed survey.  Volunteers are required to set up and use the equipment for up to two weeks, with full training provided . 

6 to 8 volunteers are required to undertake the survey.  The Clerk has advertised both in the “Eleven Says” Parish Magazine and on the Parish Noticeboard but to date had only received the offer of help from 2 residents.

If you are interested to take part please contact the Clerk or attend the next Parish Council meeting to dicuss the matter further.  Meeting dates can be found under “Meetings” on this website.


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