Speeding in the Village

In respone to residents concerns the issue of speeding in the village was discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting held in March resulting in the following initiatives.

Wheelie Bin Stickers

A supply of Wheelie Bin Stickers with the following wording “Please slow Down through our village” had been distributed to the residents on Church Road, Alpington.  Anyone using the stickers will need to understand the following guidelines.

  1. The stickers have greater impact by only being on display on bin collection day, please do not leave leave the bin out for longer than necessary.
  2. Do not alter how you use the bin.
  3. Place the bin so it is visible to passing traffic but not too close to the road where it may pose a danger.

If you require a wheelie bin sticker please contact the Clerk or attend the next Parish Council meeting.

2 Responses to Speeding in the Village

  1. Colette Abraham says:


    We are a parish thinking of distributing stickers – can I ask how effective your community finds them as way to reduce speeding?

    Many thanks,


    • alpingtonyelvertonpc says:

      Hello Colette
      Thank you for your question, We are unable to say how effective the bin stickers have been in the community as we haven’t done any surveys. However Alpington and Yelverton will soon be getting a SAM machine where we will then have recorded data which will allow us to see if the stickers do have an impact with those travelling through the Village.

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