Village Emergency Plan

South Norfolk Council is helping each Parish Council to construct a Community Based Emergency Plan

The Parish Clerk is the Volunteer Community Emergency Co-ordinator for the Parish.

The best way for any village to survive and recover is good old fashioned community spirit local people helping neighbours and other local people.

You may well have specialist skills or equipment that would be useful in such an emergency, we need to identify any specialist skills or equipment in the village and ask for your help.

To help people in this Parish;

Do you have any equipment that you could make available, in an emergency?

Do you have any special personal skills (e.g.medical training) or specialist knowledge?

Are you able to offer general assistance (e.g. visiting an elderly or infirm person), in an emergency, to help people in this Parish? 

 Or would you require assistance in an emergency?

If you can say yes to any of these questions, please complete the questionnaire.

Any information that you supply will be treated as confidential – it will be kept secure and it will only be used in an emergency by the Co-ordinator, the Parish Council Chairman, the Emergency Planning Department of SNC and Norfolk Constabulary.

Print the questionnaire complete and send to the Parish Clerk


Emergency plan Questionnaire 2011

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